Saturday, February 21, 2009

It's been a little while since I've written in here. I've felt pretty yucky lately and my brain feels like it's on overload and isn't working the best. I'm sure this is mostly from stress and trying to get our basement finished in record time. I skipped chemo this past week because we were planning to go on vacation this weekend and I wanted to enjoy the trip as much as possible.

We're in California-- going to hang out at Laguna Beach today--just relax. Tomorrow we're going to the Academy Awards (just kidding!).

I'll post photos of the trip and our basement soon.

Today is Bry's birthday--HAPPY BIRTHDAY LOVE!! YOU'RE THE BEST!!


Noelle said...

My mom told me you guys saw a whale at Montage today. :( I'm so jealous!!! Hope you're having fun. Don't you love that beach?

Angela Strong said...

Happy Birthday Bry!! It was great to run into you before you left! Jenn sweetheart... enjoy that beautiful beach and don't worry about messing your hair up in the water! hehe! Love to you darling and bless your cute family! Call me when you get back and we will get our toes done!!