Friday, February 27, 2009

moving like an old lady

I keep meaning to post vacation photos and shots of our nearly completed basement, but things get in the way. Our suitcases are still sitting on the floor unpacked since I had chemo the day after we got home and then I had a bad day the next day, ending up in the ER last night until early this morning. I've just had some bad abdominal pain and a fever of 103 F. They ran a bunch of tests, but couldn't figure it out. There's a lot of things it could be, but they ruled out that it was a blood clot. Today the fever is gone, but I'm just really slow and have a side ache.

But the sky is blue and the sun is shining!


Anonymous said...

Thank you once again for reminding to be thankful for simple everyday thins that I take for granted. Your courage is amazing. I wish you only the best.


Hez said...

God bless you my, dear friend!

I'm so sorry about the rough night. I think of you and pray for your every single day! I hope you're feeling better soon.

I love you!


Marci said...

Way to look on the bright side! You amaze me! I move like an old lady, and I have no excuse.

Thinking of you!

Marci said...

This is Robb commenting. I always wish I knew the things to say or the things to do for you, and I just don't. Just know I think about you guys often and gain so much inspiration from your family.

"But the sky is blue and the sun is shining."

Profoundly awesome that you would think this way at times like these.

Thanks again for the support you gave us at the time of my mother's passing and for coming to her viewing. That meant a ton to me.


tatum said...

jenn, i hope you have fun in cali, it seems like you need to be on another vacation instead of in the hospital and in pain.....sorry you had a bad day. just wanting to send you more sunshine in the days to come. =)

love you.

Soren Simonsen said...

You are beautiful and amazing! Love you - Soren.

Angela Strong said...

Sending all my love to you darling. Is there anything I can bring you? Know that you are thought of often and prayed for daily.

Christi said...

Looking forward to pics of that CA vacation. You do have a beautiful head. How has it been going out in public? Are people rude or cool? Love you so much! Always in my thoughts & prayers!

Our Life In Sunny SoCal said...

I can relate to the 'moving like an old lady'. Some days are just like that when the physical being is teaching us eternal lessons. At those times I'm thankful for the spiritual being which lets one know what truly matters.

Thank you for the awesome California memories. It was wonderful to see you, Bryan, Joe & Sam.


Christi said...

No posts in a month...thinking about you! Much love and prayers to you & the boys!

Jenn said...

You are an inspiration. You have such a beautiful family. I hope you feel better soon. Your attitude is incredible and reminds me to be grateful.