Monday, June 9, 2008


I called Huntsman this morning to get the results from my blood test. My estrogen levels are really low like they're supposed to be because of my medication--which means it's working. And the really good news is my tumor marker number has gone down by 1,000!! Which means I don't have to do chemo for now--or have my ovaries out.

Maybe the homeopathic stuff I'm taking is working. I'm also avoiding all sugar (bummer!) and dairy and eating lots of veggies, fruit and wholegrains. For meat I can have white fish or salmon as well as cornish game hen or organic chicken (that's my diet from the homeopathic Dr.).

Thanks everybody for the prayers--they're helping!!

Sunday, June 8, 2008

Waiting for Test Results

At my appointment Friday, June 6th, my oncologist said my white blood cell and platelet numbers are going down and that the red blood cell count will soon follow. We're waiting for results that will come Monday or Tuesday that will determine what treatment I will have next. If my estrogen level is high, we'll know that my Femara pill I take every day isn't working, and my oncologist suggests removing my ovaries if this is the case. If my estrogen levels are low, the suggestion is that I start chemotherapy--that is unless some drastic improvement happens with my tumor marker number (and we'll know that number Monday or Tuesday).

I personally don't want to do either of these things. Chemo sounds especially awful, since last time I had it my white blood cell count went really low--and this time I'd be starting out low. I'm not sure how well I would tolerate it this time.

I may suggest to my doctors to let me go another month to see what happens.
We'll see!

One way or another it will all work out.

Tuesday, June 3, 2008

Quick Update

Last week I went to the Homeopathic doctor in Irvine CA again. I have a whole new bunch of remedies to take. Let's hope they do some good! I'll be going to Huntsman this Friday (June 6th) for my monthly blood tests, IV meds, and shot. Pray that the tumor marker numbers are lowering--or at least stable!

I've been feeling pretty good overall--as long as I push away any fear that enters my mind.

Here's my team at the Race For the Cure in May: