Sunday, February 24, 2008

The last few Saturdays we've been showshoeing--and it's beautiful up in the mountains with all the new snow!! I keep wishing for the feeling of gliding down the hill on a snowboard--but not ready for that yet (and maybe because of my bones I won't be doing that again). But the scenery is still great! And so is the workout!!

My dad's the one who taught me to snowshoe. We're at White Pine just below Snowbird.

Joe and Sam love this! The fire slowly melts itself into a hole.

Me and my love--who by the way gave me the sweetest Valentine's gift--new scriptures with the name "LITTLE FLOWER" engraved on the front. That's what he calls me--more than by my real name. I guess he was tired of me using his scriptures.

This is by far the best photo Bry took!! I'm checking out some snow caves probably made by scouts--the kids thought these were awsome!

I received my last treatment of Aredia (bone strengthener) by IV and my Lupron shot last Friday the 15th. My appointment went well and my side effects have been minimal since. I was speaking in the Saturday evening session of Stake Conference and singing in the choir on Sunday, so I figured God would bless me to be well so I could make it.

The Saturday Evening session was so great!! Elder Nuenschwander was our visiting General Authority. He sat down and spoke with me just before the meeting started and let me know he knew what me and my family were going through. His wife had just recently passed away from breast cancer. From diagnosis to her passing away it was only ten months. The whole meeting was amazing. Just before I spoke there was a musical number called something like Fear Not. When I heard that I was hoping I could make it through the song and be able to speak. The song was beautiful and had some of the words from "How Firm A Foundation" the verse about "Fear not I am with you Oh be not dismayed..." It was then that the tears started rolling and I had a really hard time pulling myself together for when I had to stand up. I spoke about the temple and how important it is to all of us and how it keeps us together as family no matter what happens. The thing is any of us could pass away at any time--and the knowledge that we'll be together after this life is the one thing that I hold onto and gives me hope and peace. Elder Nuenschwander spoke after me and told his story about his wife and her passing. He told us of how he has been blessed with peace. The whole conference was amazing and the talks by our stake presidency and others were a real boost to me.

Just yesterday we received a letter from Elder Nuenschwander reminding us we can call and talk with him any time. What a sweet man! I think Bry really enjoyed talking with him after the conference--and knowing he could talk with him if he needed a listening ear from someone who's been there.

Everything else is going well. Last Monday and Tuesday I was terribly depressed and then the rest of the week I've been anxious at night and it's hard to sleep. These are just hormonal swings from the medications. For the most part I feel great and I've been exercising every day which really helps.

I got a call Saturday from my oncologist's office saying my cancer marker numbers went down by another 1,000!! That means that treatment is working and things are going well. YAY!!! I'm sure it's because of everyone's prayers. THANK YOU!!

Friday, February 8, 2008

Still doing pretty well

This last week has been pretty good. The days are good, but in the evenings I get achy and I easily get tired and irratable. By eight o'clock I want to turn my children off. I also get really cold sometimes and have a hard time getting warm. It all seems pretty hormonal--which makes sense since I'm having my ovaries shut down each month and the pill I take every day messes with my estrogen.

I feel best when I'm around others because it helps me forget about myself. I've been helping out at the kids school one or two days each week. I've still been working out most every day either by walking or doing the stair master/treadmill/eliptical at the gym. I haven't gotten up the courage to go back to the water aerobics class yet, since it put me in so much pain last time.

The amazing thing is that so far this winter I haven't had as much as a little cold. I'm sure it's because of everyone praying for me. THANK YOU!!

My next treatments are scheduled for Friday, Feb. 15th. My oncologist wants to give me the full dose of bone strengthener along with my Lupron shot (shuts ovaries down). I'm a bit nervous to do it all at once, since my body seems to react strongly to everything. We'll see how it goes.