Thursday, November 29, 2007

Nov. 29th

Today I'm going to Huntsman (third time this week) to get my IV of Zometa--the bone-strengthening drug. I just read about all it's side affects, and am hoping to have none of them! Yesterday I received my tatoos for radiation which will start next week (Mon.) and go for ten days--once each day, Mon. - Fri. The radiation should help with the bone pain--which is quite a bother and makes me feel like I'm 90 years old. We'll also hope for no side effects with the radiation as well.

Staying Positive!

Tuesday, November 20, 2007

Ultrasound Results

We recieved the ultrasound results late yesterday (Monday).
They said my uterus looked fine, and there is a 1-inch spot of breast cancer on my ovary. I forgot to ask how they know the difference between whether it's ovarian cancer and breast cancer that has spread. They seem to think that the drug I'm taking called Femara will stop its growth.

I'm currently taking the cancer-fighting drug Femara (I take it once a day). To make Femara work, I'll get a shot once a month to shut my ovaries down since it only works in post-menopausal women. I'll be starting my bone-strengthening drug Zometa on Nov. 29th. I'll get it through an IV once a month. We're working on getting me into radiation therapy sooner (my current appointment is Dec. 18th) since I'm having quite a bit of pain in the bones all through my torso and hips.

Then we'll pray the all the drug's side effects will be minimal!!

Here's a place to read more about metastatic breast cancer:

Friday, November 16, 2007

Another Test Today

I'm going up to Huntsman today to have an ultrasound of my ovaries, since there was a little concern in the PET scan. I'm not sure when we get the results on this.

My oncologist's office set up an appointment to meet with radiation therapy on Dec. 18th and that's when I'll get my IV for Zometa, the bon-strengthening drug. I'm wondering if we should do this any sooner--since my whole torso feels like it's falling apart sometimes--and is painful. I'll talk to them and see.

No matter what, I'm "having a perfect brightness of hope" (2 Nephi 20) and I'm going to think positive.


Wednesday, November 14, 2007

Results From PET Scan

I had my scan this morning at 6am and then met with my doctor by around noon. The results were encouraging. The cancer is definiitely all over in the bones, like we figured. She said there wasn't any cancer in the organs that they could see. There were a couple small spots on my liver, but she said the new medication I will be starting will hopefully clear that up. They also want me to come back for an ultrasound of my ovaries because they were a little unsure of what was there--hopefully nothing!! I was given a shot to shut my ovaries down and put me into menopause (I'll get this each month) and then I can take the medication Femara which is only for post-menopausal women. I will be getting an IV of a bone-strengthening drug called Zometa once each month.

I'll be meeting with the radiation department to see if there is any radiation necessary. They'll look at my scans to be able to tell if it will be helpful. It should help with the bone pain I've been having.

This is the plan for now, and we'll see if my body responds positively (meaning the cancer growth slows down). For now I don't have to have any chemotherapy. This will only happen if the cancer spreads to any organs (including ovaries--which we're still checking on).

We asked time-wise if I have a lot of years left, and Dr. Buys said it all depends on how well my body responds to the treatments. Worst case would probably be about 2 years of life, and best possibly 4 years. But you never know--maybe by then they'll come up with some new thing to keep managing it and I could live for 10 more years. We'll just have to keep a positive attitude and see how it goes! I'm hoping for the best! --and miracles are always nice!!



Tuesday, November 13, 2007

PET Scan Wednesday at 6 am

I'll be going in for my PET Scan at Huntsman Wednesday morning at 6 am. Bry will be taking me. The test should be finished by 9 am and then we'll be meeting with my oncologist (Dr. Sandra Buys) to hear the results.

The scan was supposed to be on Tuesday morning, but there was a technical difficulty with one of the machines, so we were put off for a day.

Hopefully we'll be posting the results by Wednesday afternoon/evening.

LOVE YOU ALL!! And thanks for all your prayers and support!!