Tuesday, September 30, 2008

Gone to Alaska

Hello from Alaska!!
I hitched a ride here with Bry since he was heading here for work.
The mountains are amazing and the fall colors are gorgeous!!
We hiked the mountain behind me last night.

I've decided to start chemo treatment #2 (see below) when I get back and we'll see how it goes. For now--I'm trying to forget about that.

Sunday, September 14, 2008

PET Scan Results

I talked with my oncologist on Saturday, and she said there's a little more cancer in my liver, so she suggested trying a new treatment. She gave me some different options and said it's not an emergency, so I have time to think it over. I'll call her back with my decision--or to talk more about it on Friday (Sept. 26th).

Switch from taking Femara every day to taking Faslodax (hormone therapy drugs). She said she'd give this a 20% chance of working.

Chemotherapy in the form of a pill called Xeloda that I'd take twice a day (3 pills at a time). She gives this about a 40% chance of working.

Chemo in the form of an IV of Adriamycin (probably every three weeks--I'm guessing)--possibly along with a pill called Sutent.

Chemo in the form of an IV of Taxol--along with a pill called Avastin.

Each of these has their own set of lovely side effects. My oncologist seems to lean toward option 2.

I will also be meeting with my Homeopathic Dr. by videoconference on Tuesday to discuss whether I need to change any of my homeopathic remedies. I feel they've been working since my blood has improved (red, white blood cell counts). Now if we could just get the liver cleaned up.

And who knows--maybe death is inevitable (well--of course it is-- we're all going to die someday)--but I still cling to the hope for a miracle. So either I'll be miraculously cured, or I'll miraculously die.

Bry says he feels like we have a steam roller slowly coming towards us. We can see it coming, but aren't sure exactly when it's going to hit. Well, isn't that lovely. Happy thoughts!!

Tuesday, September 9, 2008

Pray for good PET scan results!!

My latest Huntsman appointment was Sept. 2nd--and my blood counts were looking better. My oncologist was quite pleased and said she'd call me the next day to let me know what my tumor marker number was. Well, I got the call, --and it wasn't too good. My marker went up by around 1,400. I'm at about 3,500. My oncologist said not to be discouraged, but that we should do another PET scan soon just to see what's going on inside my body. My scan will be on Friday. So I have three days to get rid of the cancer inside my body so I can have a great scan (is that possible?). Maybe it was just a bad day when they took my blood. I'm feeling pretty good--and I felt great the day I had my blood drawn. I'm sure the tumor marker is going down now--because it does seem to do a roller-coaster thing.

Anyway--we should get results by early next week at the latest. Who knows--maybe even later on Friday.

Wondering what a tumor marker is? You can check it out here: