Tuesday, January 27, 2009

Goodbye hair.

Every day for the past five or six days my hair has been leaving me. Saturday I went walking and just popped by a kind neighbor's home (she cuts hair) to see about cutting it short. I'm not ready to shave it yet, but shorter hair will be less mess. My guess is that it will be gone by the end of the month.

I get this week off chemo to let my blood counts recover--YAY!! No needles!!
I'm feeling okay but weak most of the time. Evenings are the hardest-where I feel pretty yucky. If I don't eat frequently during the day I feel pretty yucky too. I've been pretty dizzy at times (oh-maybe that's because I'm blond!--but not for long).

I'm just happy for each day I wake up and I'm still here!


roamingjones said...

Jen - Hi!
I am so glad to see you are still here! And that I found you! I will check back often.

Anonymous said...

I stand in amazement at your courage. You are an inspiration to me. May God bless you. Susie

Marci said...

Jenn - you are beautiful with or without hair. I am sorry it is leaving you though. I think it might be a fun change to have it short for a while! Thanks for your beautiful spirit and attitude. You amaze me.

Angela Strong said...

I love the new look! You are a hottie! I am sorry it is starting to fall out...but you will still be hot with a shiny noggin! You are the bestest friend ever and I love your attitude girl! Are you craving anything that I can bring for you to much on? I love ya darling!!

Hez said...

Hello, beautiful friend! God bless you! How hard that must be to have your hair falling out! I love the new do, though. You look darling! You are in my prayers every single day. I love you!

Aimee said...

Jen- I love the haircut. You will always be beautiful! It is such a blessing to see you so strong. Everyone tells me how good you look and how bright your spirit is. We love you Jen. Aimee and the kids.

Our Life In Sunny SoCal said...

Your outer beauty is exceptional to anyone with eyes to see and for those with hearts to feel, your inner beauty is equally brilliant. Thank you for sharing your journey with us and strengthening our spirits with your faith and courage.