Tuesday, September 30, 2008

Gone to Alaska

Hello from Alaska!!
I hitched a ride here with Bry since he was heading here for work.
The mountains are amazing and the fall colors are gorgeous!!
We hiked the mountain behind me last night.

I've decided to start chemo treatment #2 (see below) when I get back and we'll see how it goes. For now--I'm trying to forget about that.


Angela Strong said...

This would explain why I haven't heard back from you! You are in another state! A state of fabulous and fun! I love the pic and you are awesome girlfriend. I am glad you are going with treatment #2 and I know you will have great results. I will forever and always pray for you and keep you in my thoughts. Call me when you get back!

Noelle said...

Glad you're having fun in Alaska, it's such a beautiful place!! Good luck with your treatment, we will keep you in our prayers, you are such a strong woman. Love you!

Our Life In Sunny SoCal said...

I was amazed at how beautiful Alaska was. The glacier lakes, the mountains and the thick forests. It was so primordial. It is not only another state it's another world. Door #2 sounds like a good choice. We'll keep you in our thoughts and prayers.

Mer said...

Hope you don't mind...I found your blog through Christy's.

Alaska sounds so fun! I hope you post a lot of pictures!

We'll keep you in our prayers that your treatment goes well and that the side effects are bearable.

Leavitt's said...

Alaska looks amazing, we will have to go someday. You are an amazing lady, plan 2 was the right choice. You are in my thoughts and prayers each day. Thanks also the delious cookies you left at my door, you must share the recipe. Your my hero!