Thursday, March 6, 2008

Things have been going so well lately--I think maybe the cancer is gone!! (Who knows--maybe it's true!) The only thing I feel lately is a little achy and stiff after exercise or toward the end of the day. And this may not be the cancer, it may just be from the medications I'm taking. They cause joint and bone pain.

I went to a kick-boxing class at the gym on Tuesday. I used to love that class because you can take out all your frustrations while you're kicking and punching--it's very theraputic. I lasted 20 minutes (it's an hour long class). Once we started really bouncing back and forth, something in my chest started feeling like it was ripping or tearing. I'm not sure what it was, but I thought "At least I made it 20 minutes! Maybe next time I can go 25!" I finished off with the stair climber and the rowing machine. Guess I'll stick to the low-impact stuff for now.

So--overall I'm feeling pretty normal--and it's great!! I haven't had to take hardly any ibuprofen (when I use to take it daily). I feel very blessed and hope I don't take this time for granted. I remind myself each morning to show love to my husband and children and really take the time I need with them.

I also have this incredible urge to decorate my home. I'm not sure why.



Danielle said...

I'm glad you are feeling good! You are amazing, I wish I could make myself go to the gym. Decorating your house is fun, you should totally post pics if you change things :) Your house is already so cute, i love it.

Marci said...

Hi Jenn - It is good to hear that you are feeling good and able to get so much exercise. You have just taken this whole thing on head on! You're awesome.