Friday, February 8, 2008

Still doing pretty well

This last week has been pretty good. The days are good, but in the evenings I get achy and I easily get tired and irratable. By eight o'clock I want to turn my children off. I also get really cold sometimes and have a hard time getting warm. It all seems pretty hormonal--which makes sense since I'm having my ovaries shut down each month and the pill I take every day messes with my estrogen.

I feel best when I'm around others because it helps me forget about myself. I've been helping out at the kids school one or two days each week. I've still been working out most every day either by walking or doing the stair master/treadmill/eliptical at the gym. I haven't gotten up the courage to go back to the water aerobics class yet, since it put me in so much pain last time.

The amazing thing is that so far this winter I haven't had as much as a little cold. I'm sure it's because of everyone praying for me. THANK YOU!!

My next treatments are scheduled for Friday, Feb. 15th. My oncologist wants to give me the full dose of bone strengthener along with my Lupron shot (shuts ovaries down). I'm a bit nervous to do it all at once, since my body seems to react strongly to everything. We'll see how it goes.



Marci said...

I'm happy to hear your spirits are still up and you are staying active. You amaze me! And I know what you mean about wanting to turn your children off - I think we all feel that way sometimes! You are still in my prayers each day.

Danielle said...

that stinks that the water aerobics class caused you pain, i've been going to some classes and they've been so fun, I would've thought they'd be a lot easier on your body than the elliptical or walking.. who knew. Anyway, as always, you are in our prayers. thanks for being so amazing