Thursday, January 3, 2008

Hello! Hope you all had a great Christmas and New Years!! I decided not to do Christmas cards this year to lessen the stress--but felt so sad about it when we received so many from our friends and family. So MERRY CHRISTMAS AND HAPPY NEW YEAR EVERYONE!!
Christmas Eve and morning were difficult--I wasn't feeling very well. We did the Christmas story from the Bible together as a family in the bathroom--because I was in the bathtub with the jets going trying to feel better. Kind of wierd, but it worked. Christmas morning I felt particularly yucky and painful. While Joe and Sam were trying out the new games on the Wii I went and cried in the bedroom--mad that it was Christmas and I was feeling so bad. Then I remembered my 5-year-old nephew Nathan had been praying that I would feel better for Christmas. I reminded God about Nathan's prayer and that he would be visiting us in about 30 minutes. My sister Suzanne and her family were flying in that day from Chicago (that's Suz and her husband Tracy in the photos with me). Joe also said he had asked Santa to bring us a cure for cancer. So I had all these kids looking to see if I was feeling well. I took 3 Ibuprofin and a Lortab (which I never take during the day) and showered up and got ready to go to my mom's to have breakfast with the family. I was a bit sleepy, but have actually felt pretty well since that day. I haven't had to take much medication--especially during the day.

I actually went to the gym for the first time on the last Saturday in December. I got on the treadmill and slowly plodded along. I felt like people were looking at me thinking "You're never going to get in shape going that slow!" I stayed 30 minutes and decided I'd better not push it too far. I went walking for 45 minutes yesterday, and felt pretty good. I'm still not very fast, but at least I'm walking!! I get a little achy toward evening, but it's much better than earlier in December.

My next IV treatment of Zometa (the bone-strengthening medication) is on January 11th. It was supposed to be Dec. 27th, but I wanted to be done with the holidays. This is the medication I had such a bad reaction to that I was hospitalized in the beginning of Dec. We're hoping for a better go of it this next time.

I told our bishop that I was ready to be released from being Relief Society President earlier in Dec.--and the change was made last Sunday. Now I'm going to be teaching the 10/11-year-old girls in Primary. I'm excited for the new calling and to be able to spend more time with my family.

THANKS again to everyone!! We love you all!!


Danielle said...

MERRY CHRISTMAS!! And a Happy New Year :D I love seeing your around, it makes me so happy, you are such a sweet person. Thanks for being you.